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Megaplus to setup 1,111 IT Labs for Government of Punjab

1Govt of Punjab"Megaplus signed an agreement with Government of Punjab for setting up computer labs in 1,111 higher secondary schools in Punjab. Under this program a total of around 4,200 labs will be set up by Government of Punjab in schools and will by far be one of the biggest IT initiatives taken by Government in education sector.

This turnkey solution signed between Megaplus and the Government of Punjab covers supply, installation and after sales services for all 1,111 IT Labs. Megaplus, being an Executive Partner of Acer will be providing and installing Acer Altos G330 Servers and Acer Veriton M670 Desktops. In addition to servers and desktops, thin client computing is being used to maximize the number of terminals in labs. In this regard, nComputing Technology which offers features specific to education sector is being used. This innovative combination of thin and thick client computing will save millions of rupees and yet make available computers to students studying in Government schools.

The software being used by Megaplus in these labs will comprise Microsoft products such as Windows Server 2008, Forefront Security, Windows Terminal Services Client Access License (CAL), and Office 2007 Professional.

The Punjab IT Labs project was initiated by Government of Punjab last year and is expected to be completed by end of 2009 covering 4,200 higher secondary schools across Punjab. The Government believes that this project will be the most significant step toward bridging the information and technology divide between public and private sector education.

Beaconhouse All Pakistan IT infrastructure

Educational Services (Pvt.)Ltd. initiated a project which involved deploying state of the art IT services across all of Beaconhouse branches in Pakistan

This comprised of Desktops, laptops, networking and Desktop virtualized solutions. Megaplus stepped ahead to provide professional quality support to Educational service (Pvt.) Ltd. Megaplus personalized IT management solutions that best fits the needs of Beaconhouse School systems.

We faced close competition from HP to secure the deal, however due to our utmost commitment to provide nothing less than excellence prevailed and the deal was secured by Megaplus. The total units of IT equipment delivered to Beaconhouse mounts to 1772 which includes laptops, PCs and N-computing kits.

Our solutions are currently working in hundreds of installations in Beaconhouse branches across all of Pakistan. This is a proof that Megaplus only provides the best of IT world.

Country wide FBR Infrastructure Consolidation

Federal Board of Revenue planned to establish IT infrastructure at FBR HQ and all its field offices. This project was conceived to cater to the IT infrastructure needs of Federal Board of Revenue as part of the Tax Administration Reforms Project. MEGAPLUS offered infrastructure consolidation, restoring operations critical to the resumption of business, including regaining access to data (records, hardware, software, etc.), communications, workspace, and other business processes after a natural or human induced disaster to FBR.

The total worth of this project was USD 4, 129, 100. MEGAPLUS won this project on the basis of its excellence in delivering the promised services. A head to head competition was observed from HP, but superior quality prevailed and MEGAPLUS came out as a sole winner. The total deployment plan included 6000 PCs and 400 laptops.

PESSI Virtualization Adoption

Megaplus initiated a project in Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (PESSI) to optimize their virtualization adoption, handle workload mobility and enhance simplified resource allocation.

Megaplus achieved this in collaboration with Getronics. A sheer competition was faced from IBM to secure this deal. Megaplus tailored a solution for PESSI involving DELL AIMs cloud solution, DELL PowerEdge Servers and PCs. This was done to fulfill PESSI requirements of hardware, software, networking and power management solutions.

This was the most cost effective and productivity driven solution that Megaplus offered PESSI as compared with the competitors. PESSI chose the solution that best fit its needs and the deal was secured by Megaplus. The net worth of this deal was USD 1, 189, 000.

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