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MEGAPLUS PAKISTAN is one of the largest and oldest Authorized Distributor and Service Provider of Dell in Pakistan having presence in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi & Peshawar. Besides Pakistan MEGAPLUS is well established in Afghanistan, Dubai & Malaysia. We have been in Pakistan Market for over 15 years and established our reputation as the most competitive IT solution service provider.

We offer a wide range of products, enterprise systems & solutions, which include servers, storage, tape libraries and networking products; client systems, such as workstations, notebook and PCs; along with software and peripherals.

MEGAPLUS PAKISTAN has the highest year-to-year growth rate in all Dell Distributors in Asia Pacific for more than eight years now and has been awarded the Dell Over Achiever’s award several times in this regard.

Megaplus Pakistan has a diversified customer base which includes large corporate, government, health care, FSIs, education sector & Telcos. Core expertise are in SAN Consolidation, Dell Cloud Computing, Virtualization, HPCC & Disaster Rcovery.

We have carved a niche for ourselves by providing the right solutions at the right time and cost with high-quality comprehensive range of pre and post sale support services.